Marsblade Re:skate R1 Alkali

Re:skate R1 Alkali

$ 649 $ 260
The Marsblade R1 Roller Hockey chassis complete with a high quality Alkali Pro boot. Powered by the patented Flow Motion Technology, a unique rocker that can be customized to players skating style and improves all aspects of skating, including more power and speed, quicker turns, better grip and control.

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Re:skate AlkaliUS Shoe (M)US Shoe (W)EUR
3 D4.06.036.0
3.5 D4.56.536.5
4 D5.07.037.5
4.5 D5.57.538.0
5 D6.08.038.5
5.5 D6.58.539.0
6 D7.59.040.5
6.5 D8.09.541.0
7 D8.510.042.0
7.5 D9.010.542.5
8 D9.511.043.0
8.5 D10.011.544.0
9 D10.512.044.5
9.5 D11.012.545.0
10 D11.513.045.5
10.5 D12.013.546.0
11 D12.514.047.0
11.5 D13.014.547.5

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