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Marsblade Re:skate O1 Pro
Marsblade Re:skate O1 Pro

Re:skate O1 Pro

$ 599 $ 359
Flow Motion Technology
Marsblade O1 off-ice roller skates are powered by the patented Flow Motion Technology, a unique rocker that simulates ice skating, challenge players' balance and activate the right muscles to improve on-ice performance.

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Re:skate ProUS Shoe (M)US Shoe (W)EUR
6 D 7.59.0 40.5
6.5 D8.09.5 41.0
7 D8.510.0 42.0
7.5 D9.0 10.5 42.5
8 D9.511.0 43.0
8.5 D10.011.5 44.0
9 D 10.512.0 44.5
9.5 D11.0 12.545.0
10 D 11.513.0 45.5
10.5 D12.0 13.5 46.0
11 D 12.514.0 47.0
11.5 D 13.014.5 47.5

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PLEASE NOTE: Displayed products are only generic example images. Type and amount of wear & tear & cosmetic defects differ between products.

Re:skate circular store

At the Re:skate circular store, you’ll find a range of used and new O1 and R1 skates that comes from e.g. size exchanges, demo and display skates from expos and discontinued models. All skates are inspected and given a little touch up if needed.

All products are in good condition, some new and some with a bit of wear & tear or minor cosmetic defects without affecting the performance.

A great way for you to get your hands on superior hockey technology at a discounted price, reduce waste and let products back in the game to help you improve your hockey performance.

Please note: the Re:skate stock is very limited and is only re-stocked occasionally, so choose your skate size carefully. We don’t accept returns on Re:skates, however depending on availability, size exchanges could be possible. Reach out to for any questions.

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