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We are thrilled to announce the results of Brock University’s comparative study of the Marsblade I2s.

In early 2023, Brock University and George Brown College, Ontario, Canada conducted a study analyzing the performance of Marsblade I2 blade holders with dynamic pitch versus traditional holders with fixed pitch.


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Flow Motion Technology
Flow Motion Technology

The patented Flow Motion Technology is at the core of all Marsblade products. The unique rocking motion of FMT allows you to get your natural maneuverability back, maximizing performance as well as your skating comfort.

Just like there’s no going back to the old wooden hockey stick or the old mobile phone, there’s no going back after using Flow Motion Technology.

It all started with
a sketch on a napkin.

Marsblade products are used by hockey players on all levels, from top NHLers to kids and recreational players worldwide.

The story began with a creative mind and a plaguing back injury. Let us tell you about our origin, visions, and team today.

The Marsblade Story

1 Mean force (N) difference compared to a rigid blade holder. Test performed at 8 mph on inclined treadmill (8 deg).
2 Mean force (N) difference compared to a rigid blade holder. Test performed at 4 mph on inclined treadmill (2 deg).