Marsblade O1 Kit

O1 Kit

$ 199

The Marsblade O1 kit is powered by the patented Flow Motion Technology - a unique rocker that replicates the radius shaped ice blade to simulate ice skating. The rocker is also designed to challenge players balance and to activate the core and stabilizer muscles in order to improve on-ice skating performance.

Fits All Skate Brands

Box Content:
- Marsblade O1 Chassis x 2

- Wheels - Depending on availability from manufacturers, these skates come with 10 outdoor wheels from either Labeda, Revision or Konixx. All with equivalent high quality that offers great speed, grip and wear resistance on outdoor surfaces::
* 8x76mm + 2x72mm (size L)
* 8x72mm + 2x68mm (size M)
* 8x68mm + 2x64mm (size S)

- Bearings x 16
- Wheel Axles x 8
- Bearing Spacers x 8
- Multitool x 1
- Tech Manual/User Guide x 1

Box Content
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