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Utilizing Flow Motion Technology® with the O1 brings the characteristics of on-ice skate feel to the asphalt. By adding the ice skate-replicating rocker you gain the instability, edges, and hockey-specific training you need to excel in your game.

Here we go into depth of how these bold claims are backed up by science.

The instability you need

The chains that affects every move on the ice - Importance of balance and stability training

The O1s are designed to provide you with the perfect instability to challenge your balance and skating technique. This instability is achieved through the rocking motion of the split chassis design in combination with the characteristics of the element connecting the upper and lower chassis.

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The rounded surface is unstable enough to be challenging but still provide enough support for pushing off. The element connecting the chassis parts consists of a bolt, a rubber bushing located on each chassis, and a locking t-nut. It is placed at center to provide a short lever. Tightening or loosening the bolt element allows for you to adjust the level of difficulty to fit your personal preference.

The bushings only provide a slight resistance, which in combination with the short lever gives you that unpredictable characteristics - perfect for challenging your balance and engaging your stabilizer muscles to improve your on ice skating.

Superior off-ice training

The importance of hockey-specific training

The technology in the O1 chassis will engage those hockey specific muscles to improve your on ice endurance, speed, and strength. Being the only product on the market that truly replicates that dynamic skating motion used on ice, we can proudly call it superior.

The rounded shape of the steel runner on hockey skates allows for mobility, while a significant part of the steel still is in contact with the ice throughout the stride. Therefore, you can keep a strong power position while maintaining grip or bite to the ice, even at the extreme joint angles that you reach in a turn, or the later part of the push off.

A traditional roller hockey skate only offers a flat wheel base and can't replicate the unique feel and muscle activation you get on the ice. The O1s on the other hand adds another level of motion and a "dynamic pitch", allowing you to reach the same extreme angles and body positions as you do on ice. This will help you work those hockey specific muscles that is crucial to maximize the off-ice training effects transferring them onto the ice.

Work those edges!

No more compromising on grip sensation

The O1's ability to shift the center of gravity (COG) will allow you to utilize the inside and outside part of the wheels, just like the edges of the steel runner. While the flat wheel base on traditional rollers won't provide this, Flow Motion Technology (FMT) and its dynamic pivot point will get you the sensation of truly gripping the ice with the edges.

The rounded hockey steel runner allows you to transfer your COG fluently from heel to toe and from the inside to the outside edge through your skating motions. The shape and length of the rocker on the O1s is meticulously designed to mimic that feel. Providing that ability to smoothly roll from heel to toe and inside to outside part of the wheels. This allows you to skate with the same agile and fluid skating motions, trusting the wheels like you trust your edges.