What size should I order?

-You can find size guides on each product page. Base your sizing off of your current skate size for the most accurate sizing. Below are links to our product categories:

R1, O1, I2

What should I think about when choosing my skate size?

-A skate size is not the same as a US shoe size.

Senior skate sizes generally fit 1.5 sizes down from a US mens shoe size, and junior skate sizes fit 1 size down from a US mens shoe size.

The Marsblade boot solely comes in D-width. If you usually wear EE-width, the boot will most likely be too narrow. In this case, the Marsblade Chassis would be a good alternative since you can mount them to a pair of skates which already fits you.

Can the Marsblades be used by anyone?

-The Marsblade Chassis are very beneficial and used by players of all levels and ages, from kids and recreational players to NHL stars. No matter your level of playing and experience, there is always room for improvement and fine-tuning of skating technique and overall hockey skills.

What is the difference between R1 and O1?

-The R1 Chassis are optimized for in-game Roller Hockey performance, with the ability to withstand the stress of the game and maximize all aspects of your performance.The larger radius in the front provides more support and stability when pushing off,  whilst a smaller radius in the rear gives the smoothness in turns and longer wheel contact with the surface. 

As compared to the O1 Chassis which are aimed at Hockey players looking to get the most out of their off-ice practice with its intentional imbalance and ice-like feel. The O1 chassis will force you to use proper technique while challenging your stabilizer muscles, core, and the right balance points. The rocker motion will also give you a smoother transition back to the ice. 


I can’t make a purchase at the checkout, what should I do?

-Make sure that your card is open for international purchases before ordering. As we are based in and operating out of Sweden this can sometimes prevent orders from being completed.

If you are still unable to place your order, please try again using another web browser or device. You could also try deleting the cookie history on your web browser. 

If you’re still unable to complete your purchase, reach out to us at customerservice@marsblade.com and we will assist you with the purchase.

How do I add a voucher code?

-Voucher code is added in the checkout under the “1. Cart” section.


How long does shipping take?

Sweden: Orders placed from Sweden are shipped from our local warehouse in Sweden, using Schenker. It takes approximately 2-5 business days for in-stock products to be delivered (to your closest Schenker delivery point).

USA: Orders placed from the US are shipped from our local US warehouse, using FedEx. It takes approximately 2-5 business days for in-stock products to be delivered (within the US).

Other countries: Orders placed from all other countries are shipped from our local warehouse in Sweden, using UPS. It takes approximately 5-7 business days for in-stock products to be delivered (worldwide).

Check each product page for specific delivery times.

Once shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation via email including a tracking-ID so you’ll be able to keep track of the parcel during transit.

How much does shipping cost? 

-Shipping prices for Standard shipping listed below:

  • 19 USD/29 CAD for shipments outside of Europe with a value up to 199 USD/249 CAD
  • 29 USD/39 CAD for shipments outside of Europe with a value exceeding 199 USD/249 CAD
  • 19 EUR for shipments within Europe
  • 39 SEK – 79 SEK for shipments domestically in Sweden

Shipping prices for Express shipping listed below:

  • 23 USD/39 CAD for shipments outside of Europe with a value up to 199 USD/249 CAD
  • 39 USD/49 CAD for shipments outside of Europe with a value exceeding 199 USD/249 CAD
  • 25 EUR – 39 EUR for shipments within Europe

No Express shipping option for shipments within Sweden. 

Shipping terms

-Our carriers UPS and FedEx are not able to deliver parcels to PO or APO boxes. In case an address containing a PO or APO box has been submitted at checkout, delivery will be delayed or stalled. Please reach out to UPS or FedEx directly with an alternate delivery address to ensure quick delivery.

An order placed at marsblade.com will only be processed once all products within that order is in-stock. Please see specific pre-order terms in connection to said products.

Getting started

How does the process of baking the skates work?

-We recommend that you heat mold your skates before their first use to get a customized fit and improved performance, as well as shortening the break-in period. 

Baking the skates can either be done using a skate oven (found in most skate shops) or in a conventional oven at home. If done at home, make sure to preheat the oven and turn it off before putting the skates in.

Also, ensure there’s no direct heat on the skates (only heated air) and use a cookie sheet as a barrier between the rack and the skate itself.

If you’re not satisfied with the result, you can repeat the baking process 2 to 3 times.

It is safe to bake your skates with the Marsblade chassis already installed, this will not affect the technology of the skates. It is important that you follow the baking guidelines which were included in your parcel.

Baking Guidelines

  1. Loosen the laces all the way down with the tongue wide open and remove the insoles prior to heating the skates. Wheels can be left on. Bake skates for about 6-9 minutes at 175°F (80°C).
  2. Carefully remove your skate from the oven, put the insoles back, and slip your foot in the skate. Tighten laces from bottom to top by pulling outwards and then up in order to prevent damage to the eyelets, as a boot that is still hot will be more prone to damage.
  3. Once laced up, wait about 15 minutes or until the skate is cool. DO NOT walk around or put any pressure on the skates. This can both strain the eyelets and misshape the boot and chassis.
  4. After about 15 minutes, unlace the skate and remove your foot. Lace the skates back up to keep final heat form in place. DO NOT use the skates for 24 hours in order to prevent damage to the boot and chassis.

Can the Marsblade Chassis be mounted on any skate?

-Yes, the Marsblade Chassis fits all ice and roller hockey skate brands. If our chassis would, for some reason, not fit your skates, send an email to customerservice@marsblade.com and we will help you out.

How do I mount the chassis on my skates?

-The Marsblade Chassis are designed to be mounted on ice- and roller hockey skate boots.

For the best results mounting should be done by a professional equipment manager or in a local pro shop or sporting goods store.


How much does return shipping cost?

We provide free exchanges worldwide!

In case you are opting for a regular return, prices for return shipping are listed below:

29 USD/39 CAD for returns outside of Europe.

19 EUR for returns within Europe.

All return shipments should be processed through Marsblade Customer Service, to ensure correct fulfillment.

How do I contact Marsblade to return an item?

-Send us an email and we’ll help you out, customerservice@marsblade.com

How does it work if I want to return an item?

-Follow the instructions below

  1. Send an email to customerservice@marsblade.com
  2. If your request is in line with our return policy, we will help you out with your return.
  3. Marsblade will generate the return shipping labels and send them to you by email. 
  4. When the return is delivered to our warehouse, the processing time is approximately 10 business days.
  5. Once processed, we will refund the full product value through the original payment method, minus the return shipping cost.

Please note (exchanges):

  • If you are looking to exchange your size, we won’t charge any return fee. New sizes are placed in our webshop by yourself where Marsblade will cover the shipping fee.

All returns within Sweden are shipped through the postal carrier of your choice at the expense of the customer.

How to reach us

Still have questions?

-Send us an email at customerservice@marsblade.com or reach us directly here via the website using the messaging service (grey icon at the bottom right of the page).

Customer service is available from 9 AM to 4 PM (CET).

We are located in Sweden.