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DLC Runners

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DLC Coated
Runners: DLC Coated
Sizes: 238 - 306
Marsblade I2 high performance DLC coated runners for pro level hockey. Delivered with an 11 ft radius and can be profiled and sharpened just like regular skate blades/runners.

  • Increased sharpening accuracy and edge longevity on high quality heat treated steel
  • Increased steel height, promotes a larger turning lean for stride lengthening power
  • Reduced friction promoting increased glide with Marsblade DLC treatment technology
  • Sharper edges with Marsblade DLC coating on our corrosion resistant polished surface

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Words from the pros

As an NHL skating coach I need to trust the gear I use.
With the Marsblade holders I feel confident in not only myself using them, but also all of my players.
Generating more glide and balance within edges, and more speed and pop in stride are just some of the benefits.
Brodie Tutton | NHL Skating Coach
Florida Panthers | Detroit Red Wings


We are thrilled to announce the results of Brock University’s comparative study of the Marsblade I2s.

In early 2023, Brock University and George Brown College, Ontario, Canada conducted a study analyzing the performance of Marsblade I2 blade holders with dynamic pitch versus traditional holders with fixed pitch.

  Pro Players

Used in all major hockey leagues.

OHL, WHL, SHL, DEL, ELH, Hockeyallsvenskan, SDHL, Division 1 and many more.
Upgrade your skates.
Perform like the pros.

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Why the is superior

The core of the Marsblade I2 hockey skate blade holder is Flow Motion Technology, a patented rocker system that enables a moving pivot point and a dynamic pitch to improve all aspects of your skating.

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Moving pivot

Adds another dimension of motion. Allowing for fluid changes in weight distribution for better glide and a more efficient stride.

Dynamic pitch

Increases ankle motion and steel contact with the ice to enable muscles to maximize power to accelerate and skate faster.

Stiff front

Always provides that responsive support for a strong push off. Enabling superior stability and maximum power transfer.

Want even more details?

Deep dive into the mechanics and science of Flow Motion Technology and the benefits of the Marsblade I2.

Main benefits are for sure the quick

turns, crossovers and picking up speed

Gustav Nyquist | Nashville Predators

Better and quicker turns and

my stride feels a lot more powerful

Mikael Backlund - Calgary Flames

You sit back and you're in instant control.

Makes you trust your skates completely

Anton Strålman | 16 NHL Seasons

Main benefits are for sure the quick

turns, crossovers and picking up speed

Gustav Nyquist | Nashville Predators

Better and quicker turns and

my stride feels a lot more powerful

Mikael Backlund - Calgary Flames


Fits all hockey skates

Mounting the Marsblade I2 to your boot of choice is a simple process. Attach them like a standard holder with rivets. Have your local pro shop or team equipment manager fit your I2’s, so you can get out shredding asap!

The I2's have the same hole pattern as Bauers TUUK holders and can easily be fitted to any major hockey skate manufacturer's skate boots - including Bauer, CCM and True.

Change blade in seconds

Keep your edges sharp throughout the game without missing a shift. The patented runner release system of the Marsblade I2 allows you to switch your runners fast and easy.


The Marsblade I2 steel comes with an 11 ft radius and is profiled and sharpened just like a standard skate blade. We suggest you adjust the profile to the profile you have been using on your standard holders. The I2 steel can be sharpened on any sharpening machines on the market.

Find your perfect setting

The Marsblade I2 is delivered with five different Radius Inserts that allows you to customize the rocker motion to your skating style, ice conditions and your personal preference. A unique one of a kind feature that allows you to maximize your skating performance!

Sizing Chart

Depending on your current skate setup, identify your i2 size in one of these two ways:

  1. Holder Size printed or embossed on your current holder
  2. Current Skate Size (incl. width)
I2 Size Guide